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Every now and then, I’m planning to run a feature with the best business articles and ideas that I’ve seen on the net. This first one is going to be big since I’ve been saving articles for a while now. These are all articles that either helped me with my business or provided some interesting ideas. I hope some of them will help your business as well.



  • Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know but Can Learn From from conversionxl.com. Interesting study about the psychology of pricing and how different numbers appeal to consumers. I plan to test different pricing levels based on their study.
  • Leadership Discipline of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs from Fox Small Business. Nothing earth shattering, but emphasizes cash management and adapting to customer feedback. Important enough they can’t be repeated too many times.
  • Entrepreneurship and Parenthood – Making Room for Both from inc.com. 12 Tips about balancing work and family. I don’t have kids yet, but still I sometimes struggle with balancing my time.
  • Are You Paid Enough? 3 Big Myths about CEO Pay from inc.com. Most small business owners probably don’t think of themselves as the CEO, even though they most likely hold that title and many others. You should consider designing your comp package to reflect it. There are some good tax planning strategies around this too.
  • Pittsburgh reinvents itself as the new Hollywood for Film from Yahoo! Finance. I generally don’t think the tax code should be used to attempt to influence business and consumer behavior. Most of the time it doesn’t work. This time it did and the results have been impressive.
  • Stop Talking about what you are Selling from inc.com. Short and sweet, pay attention to your customers and focus on meeting their needs. Easier said than done, but he says it better than I do. Worth a quick read.
  • Five major ObamaCare taxes that will hit your Wallet in 2013 from FoxNews. Love it or hate it, somebody’s got to pay for it. This article outlines five of the changes that will be going into effect next year.
  • Here are the New Taxes You’re Going to Pay for ObamaCare from Yahoo! Finance. Think Fox News is too right wing to give an objective opinion on ObamaCare? This list of new taxes from Yahoo! is even longer.
  • The Only Management Strategy You’ll Ever Need from inc.com. Possibly the best article in the bunch. Please take 3 minutes to read this one. It will change your approach to working with other people and can be equally applied to all parts of life.
  • Fix Your Website: 5 Things to Change Now from inc.com. Five ideas that have been tested thousands of times to increase conversions from your website. I need to think through this list and apply to mine as well.

Did you learn anything that you are planning to apply to your business? Let me know in the comments below.