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tax accounting service small businessIf you’ve ever worked with a CPA before, this may sound familiar: You give your information to your accountant. After he crunches your numbers you go in for a meeting where he hands you some nice looking reports, tells you what checks need to be written, and says, “See you next month.” When you get back to the office you put the reports in your filing cabinet and forget about them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what all of those numbers mean? Wouldn’t you like an accountant who explained it all so you know which numbers you REALLY need to pay attention to? Good news. Now you have access to a Fort Worth CPA who does all of that, and more.  If your financial reports are making your head spin, he’s going to be your accounting super hero.

You owe it to yourself to know where your business and personal finances stand at all times. It’s not uncommon for businesses that think they look good on paper to go bankrupt because they didn’t truly understand their own financial situation. Trying to make smart business decisions, or make wise investments without this information is a lot like trying to park your car blindfolded. You might be able to do it, but you’d probably feel a lot better if you could take the blindfold off.

That’s where Adam Traywick, CPA comes in. In addition to crunching your numbers, filing all of your returns, and keeping the IRS happy; Adam teaches you what your small business accounting numbers really say, including:

  • Is your chart of accounts giving you the right information? (Are you sure?)
  • Which products and services should you emphasize?
  • Which products and services should you look at dropping?
  • Are your cash flow practices putting you in danger?
  • Can you afford to hire more help?
  • Is that piece of new equipment going to be worth the cost?
  • Exactly how healthy is your business?
  • Are you really losing/making money where you think you are?
  • And more. . .

Personal Tax Accounting Service: In addition to making sure you understand your small business accounting information, Adam Traywick, CPA can provide you with his tax accounting service for your personal accounting. Whether its filing your taxes, helping you navigate the scary world of an IRS audit, or determining the best strategy to plan for your retirement; Adam will show you the numbers you need to hit, and teach you how to know if you’re hitting them.

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About Adam: After receiving his Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Alabama in 2005 and his Masters of Tax in 2007, Adam moved to the Washington DC area and worked with a “Big 4″ public accounting firm. This was a fascinating and formative time where he was able to work with, and advise, some of the biggest companies in America. A few years later, Adam moved to Fort Worth, Texas and began working for a small public accounting firm. It was there that he discovered he really enjoyed working with small businesses. The difference he could make in these businesses was extremely gratifying, which is why Adam has chosen to focus his practice primarily on small business accounting.

“Being a CPA has led me to meet and work with many wonderful people and ideas. I always look forward to putting that experience and knowledge to work for my clients every day.”

-Adam Traywick, CPA