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Paychecks are the things every employee loves to get, and the check every employer hates to cut. This is more a comment on the hassle that comes with managing payroll than a comment on your employee’s performance.

Having more employees generally means your business is growing, but with every new employee comes additional forms to file and paperwork to push.

Adam Traywick, CPA is happy to take some of the hassle off your hands so payday can be a happier day for business owners as well as employees. The payroll services we offer include:

  • Check Processing
  • Quarterly & Annual Federal & State Reporting (940s, 941s, etc.)
  • W-2s, 1099s, and other year end reporting

Let Us Help You

Adam Traywick, CPA provides small business accounting and payroll services in the Dallas-Ft.Worth-Arlington Metroplex.

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Start Your Business Off Right: If you’re starting a new business you’re probably thinking about a thousand things at once, and setting up your bookkeeping and accounting systems may not seem like a priority yet. However, meeting with a CPA now to start things right will save you countless hours, frustration, and money.

Take a moment to book a free initial consultation with Adam Traywick, CPA now! Remember: The best problem is the one you fix before it can happen.

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